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Application Form - GEF SGP National Indigenous Peoples Fellowship Initiative

Call for Applications-GEF Small Grants Programme

May 22, 2018

In line with the objectives of the 6th Operational Phase (OP6) of the GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP), implemented by UNDP, running from 2015-2019, the SGP has developed a fellowship initiative to increase its support to indigenous peoples.

The aim of the SGP indigenous fellowship initiative is to develop higher-level capacity of existing and potential indigenous leaders to advance the work of their communities, organizations and networks at national, regional and global levels. This initiative is in response to a need expressed by indigenous peoples (IPs) during consultations for higher level skills and capacity to directly represent themselves in policy-settings, including within dialogues pertaining to the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as access to global environmental finance.

The SGP OP6 Indigenous Peoples fellowship initiative supports strengthening IPs skills for project development, management and implementation, and for utilization of new information-communication technologies (ICTs). It is expected that the enhanced skills will contribute to: (a) increase the portfolio of projects led by indigenous peoples, both within the SGP as well as with other similar international grant-making programmes; (b) increase appropriate resource flows from donors, development agencies, and governments; and (c) demonstrate modalities for grant-making which are governed with the direct involvement of indigenous peoples.[1]

SGP National Indigenous Peoples' Fellowship

A first group of four SGP Global indigenous fellows were identified through a competitive process in 2016. Currently in place, their work over two years (2017-2018) is global in scope, and focuses on biodiversity conservation and climate change.  In 2018, it is expected that eight nationally-based SGP indigenous fellows will be identified in Asia/Pacific, Africa and Latin America. Guyana has been awarded one of the eight fellow positions under the initiative.  

Each of the eight national SGP IP fellows will be expected to complete a one-year fellowship including:

a)       a practical placement working alongside the SGP country programme in support of national grant-making, particularly to strengthen involvement of indigenous peoples in SGP grant-making in the target countries (10 months minimum); and

b)      skill-building opportunities in accordance with a detailed work-plan developed in collaboration between the IPs fellow, national SGP country teams, the SGP Central Programme Management Team (CPMT), and identified global partners and networks.

As part of the practical placement, each of the national IP fellows will assist SGP country programme to:

(i)      engage with representative indigenous peoples’ networks at the national level, with a view to increase engagement of IPs in the governance and strategic decision-making of the SGP at the national level;

(ii)     enhance grant-making modalities, formats and techniques (i.e. use of alternative formats such as participatory video, photo-story and/or translation into local and vernacular languages) to develop SGP planning grants, project concepts and funding proposals with IPs; and

(iii)   assist with the implementation of at least one SGP-funded project with a specific IP community, including field visits for monitoring of results as/when required.

Regarding skill building, the national SGP IP fellows will be encouraged to take part and contribute to identified national IP-government dialogues and platforms, as well as to develop their skills in relation to knowledge exchange and advocacy. In summary, the national IP fellowship will comprise action-oriented learning on the programmatic, technical and strategic sides of the GEF Small Grants Programme, alongside the operations of the United Nations system at the country level.

The fellow will receive a monthly stipend that will cover the cost of living in Georgetown (housing, food and transport),[2] travel to and from hometown and the capital, visa and travel expenses if traveling abroad, and health insurance (if needed). Funds to carry out activities related to the fellowship (i.e. monitoring missions to the field) will be budgeted separately under the SGP Country Operating Budget (COB).


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