Indigenous Villages Begin Implementation of Community Development Plans

Jun 9, 2015

Community members at a management training session facilitated by the ADF Phase II Community Development Officer

Forty nine communities/villages in Administrative Region 1, eight in Region 2, two each in Regions 3, 4 and 6, nineteen in Region 7, nineteen in Region 8, forty nine in Region 9 and ten in Region 10 will receive micro-capital grants under phase II of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) Amerindian Development Fund (ADF): Village Economy Development project to implement their Community Development Plans (CDPs).

The three years ADF Phase II project is the continuation of Phase I which was initially implemented in 27 communities/villages to serve as a pilot for the full implementation in the 160 communities/villages. The project is intended to achieve three outputs:

  • Strengthened entrepreneurial and institutional capacities of the village economy of Amerindian communities/villages
  • Improved linkages with the private sector to further develop value chains
  • Strengthened institutional framework to support local economies

The ADF project has been established to provide support for the socio-economic and environmental development of Amerindian communities/villages with the implementation of CDPs. The CDPs cover agricultural production and processing, village infrastructure, tourism, manufacturing, village business enterprise, and transportation, among others for Amerindian communities/villages to pursue business ventures and village infrastructure development.

These ventures are developed through a process that culminates in the graduation of a CDP to a full Business Plan. A variety of capacity strengthening exercises are undertaken to support the CDPs and strategic partnerships to close market access gaps for targeted communities/villages are to be established.

Communities/villages are expected to each form a Community Management Team (CMT), host a village meeting to discuss and agree on a CDP and establish financial management arrangements.

To date, inception workshops were hosted in all the target Regions except Region 5 since there is no CDP in phase II in that region. Those workshops obtained valuable feedback regarding the status of readiness of the communities/villages to implement their CDPs.

Forty-six (46) business management training missions were conducted to ensure the CMTs possessed the requisite management skills, trained in report writing and provided with report templates to be completed after the disbursement of funds. This process will continue in the remaining 114 communities/villages.

A monitoring and evaluation system is in place to frequently check on the progress of the CDPs implementation and provide necessary guidance and technical support.

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