New jobs created with the opening of the new Santa Mission Guest House

Twenty seven (27) indigenous communities have begun reaping the benefits of the Amerindian Development funds poverty reduction project.
The beneficiary Amerindian communities are now sounding the bell of their success from their business ventures which are geared to assist in curbing the poverty levels existing in those hinterland communities.


  • Fifteen new jobs created
  • Resort to be built within five years

Under phase one of the Amerindian development fund, the proposed projects identified by the communities include large scale agricultural activities with the majority getting involved in farming, aquaculture, poultry and cattle rearing.

Santa Mission is one such community that has begun recording the success of their project. It is an Amerindian Village located across the Demerara River to Kumuni Creek. It is a serenely beautiful village where you can relax and leave feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Over the years, the community has been classified as a prime tourist destination with over eight hundred (800) tourists visiting yearly. However, there was the challenge of tourists not having any accommodation and such was forced to visit for a few hours.

Through the Amerindian Development Fund Project Community Development Programme, the Santa Mission Community has now erected its own Guest House to accommodate tourists.  

Toshao of the community Mr. Aubrey Samuels said “the vision is to be able to use this project as a stepping stone to build the community resort within a five (5) years period.” In addition, he said “the opening of the Guest House will create fifteen (15) new jobs for unemployed men and women in the community.”

The community has a population of two hundred and fifty six (256) residents with employment being considerably low. Mr. Samuels expressed the view that slowly but surely the employment level in the community will rise through various initiatives that will be undertaken as a result of the Guest House project since they will be expanding.

The new Santa Mission Guest House will be completed and officially opened by mid May, 2014. It can accommodate at least fifteen persons at once.
The project leaders thanked the UNDP and ADF for such a great initiative since it will contribute towards the development of the community, create employment and in parallel reduce poverty.

The Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) project is being implemented by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs in partnership with the UNDP in Guyana. The communities have all received funding of up to $5M each for the development of their respective community-based and led initiative or business investment.

The Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) was established to support the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), seeks to provide funding to support the socio-economic development of Amerindian communities and villages, through the implementation of their Community Development Plans (CDPs). CDPs developed by the Amerindian Villages have identified and proposed priority projects to be financed using the development grant financing in this dispensation.

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