How to program for uncertain results? The innovation journey of the Pacific Risk Resilience Programme

26 Feb 2018 by Moortaza Jiwanji and Johannes Schunter

Innovations are driven by risk-takers. Part of UNDP’s role in innovation is to provide the space for risk-takers to develop and test their ideas. And it turns out that sometimes these are not individuals, but entire programmes. … Read more

Building health resilience in a fast-changing climate

19 Feb 2018

rbap-hhd-2018-dhaka-emerging-diseases-blogA young man collects rubbish from a stagnant pond in Dhaka city. Photo: eGuide Travel via Flickr Creative Commons.
When I visited my hometown of Dhaka last September I was shocked. Many of my family and friends were writhing from a mysterious new disease that no one really knew. … Read more

A No to Corruption is a Yes for You: Pacific Anti-Corruption Movement a Testimony to the World

14 Dec 2017 by Bakhodir Burkhanov and Jeremy Douglas

With corruption, our planet earth, and its finite resources, are being sold out. The people in the Pacific - more than anywhere else - know that the world is facing daunting environmental challenges. Many of them are caused by corruption committed by government officials and the private sector. … Read more

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees, and the Trees Through the Forest

16 Nov 2017 by Emily Davis, Policy Specialist, Development Finance & Effectiveness, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

One of the most memorable pieces of art I’ve seen in the last year or two was a photo mosaic of a cityscape. … Read more

Shelter From the Storm: Why Flood and Storm Resilient Housing Is Key to Sustainable Development in Viet Nam

14 Nov 2017 by Jenty Kirsch-Wood

 Typhoon Damrey hits Central Viet Nam, affecting 4.3 million people and killing more than 100 people. Photo: Vietnam
Typhoon Damrey ripped through central Viet Nam. More than 100 people lost their lives, while more than 130,000 homes were damaged. … Read more