UNDP Supporting Efforts to Strengthen Capacities to Improve Solid Waste Management in Partnership with the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Fund

Jun 9, 2015

A photo collage of one of the gargage compactor trucks and a mini excavator procured by the project

The capacities of Municipal and other local government bodies are being strengthened to improve solid waste management under the India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) Solid Waste Management Project which is being implemented by the Ministry of Communities (former known as Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development).

Through a South-South Cooperation initiative funded by the IBSA Facility, support is being extended to the Ministry to address the solid waste management challenges currently being experienced in Guyana. Specifically the project seeks to improve facilities for Solid Waste Management in selected townships and Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDCs). It will also provide the opportunity for greater awareness among the public about good solid waste management practices.

The project is expected to utilize three strategies for the successful implementation:

  1. Procuring appropriate waste management machinery and equipment for the collection, transportation and disposal of waste and other refuse at the landfill sites;
  2. Expanding and rehabilitating markets and market tarmacs to curb illegal vending which is an antecedent of the garbage crisis in Guyana; and
  3. Raising the public’s awareness of responsible solid waste disposal, through the distribution of flyers, pamphlets, and other Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials.

To date, the project successfully acquired two garbage compactor trucks which will benefit twenty six (26) Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and three Municipalities.  These trucks will assist in creating a safer and healthier environment for over one hundred and eighty thousand persons.

Two mini excavators were also procured to ensure effective and efficient drainage and irrigation network and a safe and healthier environment. These excavators will also assist in restoring the aesthetics of rural and urban communities and vital infrastructure facilities.

Seven markets and two tarmacs were identified to undergo a series of rehabilitation, expansion and construction works to improve the aesthetics of the physical landscape both for vendors, patrons and commuters. Upon completion, it is anticipated that the markets and tarmacs will encourage vending and shopping within the markets as opposed to on the road reserves. There will also be enhanced security mechanisms within the markets with the installation of security cameras, lighting & strengthening of entry & exit points.

Works have been completed on the Anna Regina, Rose Hall and the Linden Municipal Markets. The Diamond market tarmac has also been completed. Over the next few months the Annandale market tarmac will be completed along with rehabilitation and construction works on the Rosignol and Ireng/Sawariwau NDC markets and the New Amsterdam and Corriverton Town Council markets. A robust public awareness campaign will also commence.

It is envisaged that this project will contribute to the improvement of the environmental conditions and quality of life of citizens by strengthening the institutional structure of the local authorities’ capacity to manage solid waste.

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