What We Do

UNDP has been operating in Guyana since 1966 supporting the people of Guyana in pursuit of national goals and objectives as articulated by the Government in its national development strategic frameworks. On the ground in more than 170 countries and territories, UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations.

Our Goals

We aim to help Guyana and countries around the world build and share solutions to development challenges. In all our activities, we encourage the protection of human rights, building national capacity and the empowerment of women.

A journey to the Hinterland of Guyana

A team from UNDP Guyana journey to the Hinterland regions to execute various activities as we strive towards alleviating poverty.more

Our Stories



Graduating batch of students at Bina Hill Institute (Photo:NRDDB)

Youth receiving Ecosystem Services Education for Sustainable Development

The Southern region (Region nine) of Guyana is predominantly comprised of indigenous peoples and the poverty level remains considerably high. The inhabitants of the region remainsmore 

Asaph (One of the trained Ranger Researcher) with Male and female Red Siskin (Photo: South Rupununi Conservation Society)

Red Siskin Birds Protection: 15 New Ranger - Researchers Trained

Fifteen persons from six villages in South Rupununi in Guyana have completed training to function as Ranger-Researchers as part of the South Rupununi Conservation Society effortmore 

Projects and Initiatives

  • Support to Victims of and Families Affected by Human Trafficking in Guyana

    Consequent to discussions initiated by the UNDP and the Tackling Child Labor Through Education (Tackle) Project, for the latter to facilitate a process under the Social protection Support Program, it was agreed that UNDP will collaborate with the Ministry of Labor, Human Services and Social Security (MLHSSS) in strengthen the Ministry’s intervention with regards to its response to Trafficking in Persons in Guyana. There is increasing concern that young women particularly from hinterland and vulnerable coastal communities can be exploited. more 

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