Support the Alignment of Guyana’s National Action Plan to the UNCCD’s 10-Year (2008-2018) Strategic Plan

What the project is about

This project aims to support the alignment of Guyana’s National Action Plan on land degradation to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification’s 10-Year (2008-2018) Strategic Plan.

Guyana has been Party to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) since 24 September 1997, and the alignment exercise will address Guyana’s need to continue to fulfil its obligations under the Convention.

The alignment exercise aims to integrate and mainstream land degradation considerations into national development and sectoral planning frameworks, through a renewed and participative National Action Plan framework and strategizing process.

A series of targeted activities will also aim to: raise awareness about Guyana’s National Action Plan (NAP) to combat land degradation; strengthen human and scientific capacity; and establish a financing and technology framework for the aligned National Action Plan’s implementation.

The project is therefore expected to contribute significantly to the mitigation of drought and land degradation in Guyana, and to the uptake of sustainable land management practices.

What we have accomplished so far

·         A rapid stocktaking of relevant plans, policies and reports was undertaken. The report arising from this review was presented at a National Stakeholder validation workshop before being finalised;

·         A review and assessment of current national indicators is ongoing. Indicators are being amended and/or developed in line with the alignment of Guyana’s NAP to the UNCCD 10-Year Strategic Plan;

·         A drought warning protocol was developed and presented at a National Stakeholder validation workshop, for incorporation into Guyana’s Early Warning System;

·         Awareness about land degradation and the alignment of Guyana’s NAP was raised, with an estimated 120,000 persons being reached. This was done through print media articles in a national newspaper, the distribution of posters and novelty items, the dissemination of information at GuyExpo 2014, a national survey conducted by the Guyana Lands & Surveys Commission (446 responses), and a word search competition.


Who finances it?

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) – 136,986 USD

UNDP - 7,000 USD

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