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 UNDP Guyana Office (Photo: UNDP Guyana)

UNDP has been operating in Guyana since 1966 supporting the peoples of Guyana in pursuit of national goals and objectives as articulated by the Government in its national development strategic frameworks.

What do we want to accomplish?

UNDP Guyana works generally to fight poverty through supporting human development in a sustainable way. This concept is called Sustainable Human Development (SHD). As such, in Guyana UNDP is focusing on poverty reduction, democratic governance and energy and environment.

Poverty Reduction
UNDP's Guyana's work on poverty reduction is governed by several internationally agreed frameworks such as the Millennium Declaration, the MDGs, and the International Development Goals. Our core services focus on three main areas: Strategies and Policies for Poverty Reduction, Inclusive Globalization, and Support for MDG-Aligned National Development Strategies. In addition, UNDP's work is reinforced by the International Poverty Centre, a joint project between UNDP and the Brazilian Government that promotes South-South Cooperation on applied poverty research, and by its network of 177 country offices.

Democratic Governance
Democratic governance is central to the achievement of the MDGs, as it provides the ‘enabling environment' for the realization of the MDGs and, in particular, the elimination of poverty. The critical importance of democratic governance in the developing world was highlighted at the Millennium Summit of 2000, where the world's leaders resolved to "spare no effort to promote democracy and strengthen the rule of law, as well as respect for all internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the right to development." A consensus was reached which recognized that improving the quality of democratic institutions and processes, and managing the changing roles of the state and civil society in an increasingly globalised world must underpin national efforts to reduce poverty, sustain the environment, and promote human development.

Energy and Environment
UNDP Guyana's work on Energy and Environment is focused on six priority areas:

    * Frameworks and strategies for sustainable development
    * Effective water governance
    * Access to sustainable energy services
    * Sustainable land management to combat desertification and land degradation
    * Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity
    * National/sectoral policy and planning to control emissions of ODS and POPs

How does UNDP Guyana do it

UNDP Guyana works with the Government of Guyana  and partners to carry out a Country Programme (CP) to tackle poverty and its causes. A Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP), covering the duration of the programme cycle (typically 5 years) is developed and signed with the Government and it forms the basis of the cooperation between UNDP and the Government. Annual or mid-term reviews of the CPAP and conducted by involving a large range of stakeholders. The projects contribute to the achievements of the CP outcomes, they are time-bound exercises, and tackle a specific, well-defined development problem.
UNDP Guyana uses a Result Based Management approach to carry out projects. This approach accepts that development problems are complex and not confined to one particular theme or sector. Therefore, UNDP’s interventions are interdisciplinary in nature, and address problems in different sectors at the same time. UNDP activities are based on the premise that governments have the primary responsibility for the development of their countries and for establishing and leading the national development agenda. In all cases, UNDP focuses its support on the development of national capacities, which must be led by and grounded in endogenous efforts in order to be meaningful and sustainable. That is at the heart of how UNDP understands and applies the principle of national ownership.

Current Staff Count for Guyana

Contract TypeSub Total
Service Contract 7
UN Volunteers 3
UNDP Staff 19
Total 29

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